Partnering with CDT

CDT and its network of partner companies and university groups provide complementary expertise and knowledge to accelerate the translation of research into products.

Working with organisations like yours, we follow through on innovation with the capability to commercialise.

Open Innovation partnerships enhance our research technology portfolio. We actively seek to work with companies and research institutes that have:

  • A promising technology but lack the infrastructure to bring the development to commercial readiness
  • Expertise that could resolve a specific technical challenge that we are facing
  • A unique materials-based technology


The cutting edge

CDT has interest in a huge range of novel technologies and actively works with partners to develop the potential for these technologies into marketable solutions.

Supported by the financial strength and market channels of Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd., CDT is ideally placed to accelerate research and development in areas such as the following:

Flexible and Stretchable Electronics
  • FlexOLED
  • Wearable electronics and smart textiles
  • Stretchable electronics
  • Flexible and stretchable electrodes
Printed Electronic Devices
  • FlexOLED
  • Organic photo-diode
  • Printed electronics x-ray reader
  • Biosensors
  • Ultra-fast rectifier
  • VO2 max sensor
  • Printed supercapacitor-battery hybrid
  • Internet of Things (IoT) power module
Electronic Materials
  • Non-graphene 2D materials
  • Organic magnets
  • Electro-spinning polymers
Electronics and IT Production
  • New patterning technologies
  • Agricultural robotics
  • Active release
  • Bio-sensors and gas sensors
  • Electro-spinning polymers
Environmental Health
  • Active release
  • Shape memory polymers
  • Electro-spinning polymers
Medical Imaging
  • Printed electronics x-ray reader
  • Photo-acoustic markers
  • Biosensors
  • Fluorescent tags
  • Liquid biopsies
  • Cell sorting
  • Pre-biotic and nutritional compounds
  • Biopolymers: Biocompatible polymers
Energy Storage
  • Printed supercapacitor-battery hybrid
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Internet of Things (IoT) power module
Energy Generation and Harvesting
  • Piezoelectric generators
  • Triboelectric generation
  • Thermoelectric generators
  • Internet of Things (IoT) power module
  • Hydrogen production
Functional Materials and Coatings
  • Electro-spinning polymers
  • Meta materials
  • Shape memory polymers
  • Low friction surfaces
  • Composites
  • Marine antifouling surfaces
  • Aerogels
  • Smart packaging for perishables
  • Organic magnets
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • Fully isotropic plastics for 3D printing
  • Photo-printable plastics for 3D printing
  • 3D printing construction materials
Resource Efficient Production
  • Electrochemical synthesis in ionic liquids
  • Flow chemistry
  • Organic catalysts


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