Energy harvesting

CDT has developed a solution to one of the challenges of providing power for ubiquitous electronics through the development of an organic thermoelectronic device platform.

TEGs – Thermoelectric Generators

Materials and processes have been developed for thin and conformable thermoelectric modules, which generate electric power from waste heat.

  • Can be manufactured using mainstream printing technologies
  • More cost-effective than traditional thermoelectric generators for low power applications
  • Can be wrapped around curved hot surfaces such as pipes
  • Can provide “fit and forget” power for devices located in hard-to-reach areas (such as wall & ceiling cavities, underground pipelines, etc.) or for dark areas where photovoltaics are not an option
Energy harvesting

The power generated by CDT’s TEGs increases with area and temperature difference.

Module performance

Energy can be harvested from waste heat in domestic and industrial hot surfaces (e.g. boilers, motors, steam pipes, etc.), and it is sufficient to power IoT and wireless sensor networks.

Energy harvesting