Gas sensors

Thin film electronic devices are being developed for gas sensors, based on organic transistors platform.
  • Devices currently under development for detection of volatiles relevant to the agricultural industry
  • These sensors offer opportunity for information-led intervention in current practices:
    • Monitor quality during storage and transport
    • Early detection of adverse events: disease, rot, infestation
  • Potential to be tailored and designed to sense multiple gases at the same time
  • Potential to discriminate between complex mixtures of gases based on “fingerprinting” of the output responses (e-nose approach)
  • Lower power consumption compared to metal oxide sensors that in turn allows for potential long-term standalone operation and creation of wireless sensor networks for remote monitoring
  • Can be fabricated using mainstream solution-based coating technologies
Through a research project part-funded by Innovate UK, CDT has collaborated with The University of Manchester, The University of Greenwich and The National Institute of Agricultural Botany – East Malling Research (NIAB EMR) to develop gas sensor systems for the early detection of rot in apple crops.  
Lithographically defined electrodes down to 5 mm channel length resolution on plastic film
Schematic diagram showing the top gate configuration.