New Technologies

CDT is continuously exploring and assessing potential new technologies to help shape Sumitomo Chemical’s (SCC) future businesses.

The remit of the VE (Visionary Enterprises) team is novel, game-changing technologies to fulfil unexpressed global needs for the longer term (10+ years).

The PI (Platform Innovation) team is focused on novel technologies to fulfil specific unmet needs for the medium term (3-5 years).

VE activities

Visionary Enterprise explores credible future scenarios that would adversely impact society and SCC’s businesses. Using these scenarios and a variety of personae, VE identifies the associated risks and uses this information to develop solution road maps to mitigate the negative impacts, over a period of up to 10 years. These solutions should be technology agnostic, though we will at all times identify solutions where we believe SCC can make a credible difference.

Our purpose through these solution road maps is to guide future research project exploration in CDT and SCC and to be able to introduce open innovation partners to any future projects.

Solution needs have been identified for the following themes:

  • Water scarcity
  • Impact of digital transformation
New themes under development:
  • Sustainable squeezed cities
  • Living longer independently

PI activities

The mission of the PI team is to identify and validate new projects involving unique high value materials that enable a new application and fulfil an unmet need. The technologies explored have the potential to become platforms rather than standalone solutions.

We start with an ideation session informed by global trends aligned with Sumitomo’s sustainability mission. The ideas spanning from the session undergo a feasibility trial and a Proof of Concept phase before being upgraded to full blown research projects.

Ideas currently under evaluation in the following areas:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Novel refrigeration technologies
  • Safer secondary batteries
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Data storage
  • Sensing technologies