OLED displays and lighting

One of CDT’s core fields of expertise is the development of high performance solution processed polymer organic light emitting diode (P-OLED) materials and devices.
  • P-OLED materials are compatible with large area patterning techniques such as inkjet printing and slot die coating.
  • P-OLED materials produce true RGB colours and the high performance required for displays.
  • CDT’s expertise in materials chemistry and device physics enables high-performance materials for high end display and lighting applications. CDT and Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. are developing materials and manufacturing capability for low cost, large area OLED lighting (link to Sumitomo’s OLED page here).
  • Applications include displays for information and entertainment on TVs and mobile devices, and lighting for room and car interiors, specialist lighting and phototherapy.
CDT’s lighting technology capabilities
ink jet printed lighting demonstrators