Opto-electronic detection systems

Organic photo-detectors can be produced at any size and shape with little impact on cost, have a tuneable absorption spectrum and can be tailored to each application requirement. Applications include: digital X-ray imager, gesture sensor, fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor and image sensor arrays. CDT’s expertise in surface treatments and interfaces allows device structures – including standard (top cathode) and inverted (top anode) detectors – to be fabricated. They are very high performance, similar to silicon photodiodes but with the advantage that they can be printed, and therefore are easily integrated with other printed (or conventional) electronic components: OLEDs, OFETs, passive components. Simple fabrication options include: glass / plastic substrates, evaporated / solution processed electrodes for ink jet printing, spin coating, fabrication in ambient conditions and from environment-friendly non-halogenated solvents.
Schematic of printed, flexible pulse oximeter
Printed electronics pulse oximeter demonstrator
CDT’s organic photodetectors