Our Technologies

CDT scientists and engineers work on a wide range of topics aligned with Sumitomo Chemical’s (SCC) priority themes of Energy, Environment, ICT, Food and Health. We may be evaluating technology or developing materials in topics already identified by SCC, in other cases we will work up and demonstrate materials to address and target emerging markets and societal needs.

Our highly skilled research team design, synthesise and test new materials to enhance the functionality of the materials and develop future products for Sumitomo Chemical.

Some examples of specific areas we have recently or are current supporting SCC with are shown below:


Area Examples of Recent Projects
Health Antiviral materials
Fluorescent tags for diagnostics
Food Alternative protein sources
Soil erosion prevention
Waste water nutrient recovery
ICT Thermal conductive materials
Organic photodetector
Materials for nanolithography
Materials for optical computing
Materials for 5G and 6G
Energy Battery recycling
Battery materials
Hydrogen generation
Ammonia as a fuel
Environment Biomanufacturing
Monomaterial packaging
Alternatives to conventional refrigeration technologies
Hybrid catalysts