Project Examples


We are developing a biosensor system of off-the-shelf elements (LEDs and PDs) together with a 2-colour detection algorithm developed in-house. The resulting lateral flow biosensor is suitable for highly sensitive, portable applications. IP on this technology is available for licensing.

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Fluorescent tags

We have developed a fluorescent reporter tag technology incorporating our fluorescent light emitting polymer technology into nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are extremely bright and have tuneable absorption and emission properties. They have wide applicability in a range of bio and non-bio applications. We are currently assessing commercialisation options.

Early Stages of Interest

Living longer independently

In the developed world, an ageing population is seen as an inevitable problem. The challenge is to enable the elderly not only to live longer, but also independently and to enable them to contribute as fully and for as long as possible. We are examining what future needs might emerge and how a materials company might meet them.